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Renewable Energy through Capacity Building, Linkages, Advocacy, Innovation, and Mobilization

Towards a Just & Sustainable Energy Future

The CentRE recognizes that a transformation towards RE requires a community-centered approach.

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RE Congress 2022

An annual multi-stakeholder gathering for exchanges on key policies, technology trends, and experiences on renewable energy, and for building partnerships to accelerate RE deployment.

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RE Academy

An intensive special education program on renewable energy to enhance the understanding and skills of stakeholders especially the youth, local governments, workers and women for their increased participation in RE development and deployment.

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RE pilots

Developing CRISP - catalytic, replicable, innovative, scalable, participatory – renewable energy projects in marginalized areas towards addressing energy access, climate resilience, and sustainable and inclusive development in these communities.

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The Women in Inclusive and Sustainable Energy, and Just Transition (WISE) initiative aims to document the experiences and perspectives of women v.v. their access to clean and sustainable energy; build on these narratives towards formulating inclusive and gender-responsive energy policies and programs; and facilitate the coming together or formation of women advocates for renewable energy and just transition.

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Latest Releases


The Local Government Unit of Irosin, Sorsogon, together with The CentRE, organized the Training of Trainers on Renewable Energy and Solar Power.

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Know the government initiatives and perspectives of workers in the energy and transport industries on the application of Just Transition Framework in the Philippines.

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REimagine a Bright Future is a CentRE publication featuring transformative and innovative renewable energy (RE) initiatives in the Philippines particularly in areas experiencing higher incidence of energy poverty

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RTD on Just Transition Plan in the Philippines  (2 August 2019) FGD on Just Transition with energy and transport workers (26 June 2019) RE Academy Curriculum development workshop (July 30-31, 2019) 2018 RE Congress & Exhibit RE technical assessment and planning in BIG LaSolAr (March 4-9, 2019) RE Academy Test Run in Sorsogon 2019 RE Congress & Exhibit

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