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Cent RE: 100% Renewable Energy

The name CentRE comes from the Latin word “cent,” meaning hundred, and “RE” for renewable energy – together, these words represent the primary role of the CentRE as a hub for knowledge, policy studies, advocacy, services, and resources – digital, human, and financial – towards realization of the country’s full transition to renewable energy. The CentRE is also a hub for experts, advocates, practitioners, and communities engaging on renewable energy to address absence and affordability of energy and impact of climate change through an inclusive and democratic process.

The CentRE as a Network and a Hub

The Center for Empowerment, Innovation and Training on Renewable Energy (CentRE) is a not-for-profit association of RE advocates, developers, researchers, experts and social impact investors pursuing full deployment of RE in the country to address energy poverty, high electricity rates, and climate change in a just, sustainable and democratic manner. With diverse expertise of its members – civil society organizations (CSOs), private industry players, electric cooperatives, academic centers and individuals engaging on energy, climate, environment and good governance – the CentRE is envisaged as a hub for knowledge, social innovation, policy studies, advocacy and community empowerment