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We envision an inclusive and sustainable society where people and communities live in dignity, control their energy future, and enjoy access to reliable, affordable and clean energy attained through a transition that is just and democratic.


The CentRE serves as a hub for RE technology, social innovation, policy studies, advocacy, and community empowerment with a view of achieving 100 percent renewable energy in the Philippines towards a meaningful social and ecological transformation in the country.


The CentRE aims to realize the following transformative goals towards the attainment of its vision and mission:

  • People-oriented RE projects aligned with just transition to green economy approaches.
  • Social innovation demonstrated through successful RE models that prioritize indigenous resources and empower communities.
  • Appropriate training and learning tools on renewable energy, just energy transition and energy democracy to boost expansion and mobilization of constituencies for optimum generation and efficient use of renewable energy in the country.
  • Potent awareness campaign and policy engagements addressing climate change, energy poverty, and inequality through renewable energy, backed by credible research and policy studies.
  • Viable approaches for the sustainability of the CentRE.
  • A relevant platform for dialogue between and among stakeholders in the energy industry.