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The CentRE


The CentRE recognizes that a transformation towards RE requires a community-centered approach. A push for the power sector from a centralized fossil fuel-dominant grid to a decentralized variable RE grid will require projects, services and actions such as technical assistance, resource mobilization, and model building for and with its members and other stakeholders through its core programs.

RE-CLAIM sums up these programs. It means, realize renewable energy (RE) through capacity building, linkages, policy studies and advocacy, innovation, and mobilization.


The center will conduct or facilitate trainings and other knowledge and skills sharing activities that will equip all stakeholders, particularly member organizations and communities, with appropriate know-how or technology contributing to their empowerment.


The center will provide a venue for industry players and other stakeholders to connect, interact, facilitate requirements, and work together towards meeting the financial, technological, and social viability of RE projects. These stakeholders include experts, financing institutions or social impact investors, and communities.


The center shall carry out policy studies addressing barriers to transitioning to RE, produce policy papers and appropriate forms of information or education materials, as well as undertake relevant policy interventions. It shall push for pertinent policies including the need for strong regulatory role of the state in the energy sector, consistent with the center’s framework, vision, mission, and key thematic areas. It shall also pursue engagement of communities in RE initiatives.


The center will conduct R&D including developing innovative projects or new technologies especially for disadvantaged groups and unserved communities so no one is left behind.


In order to realize its projects and campaigns, the center will mobilize various resources – human, financial, and knowledge or technology.